Small + Global Videos
Cheap dental just across the border

Across the border in Mexico, DentiCenter offers U.S. citizens dental care at a third of the price they would pay in the states.

Launching tech startups in Uganda

Appfrica Labs offers jobs and startup support to young Ugandan developers with bright ideas.

How hotel music is made

A music consultant travels the globe customizing luxury hotel playlists.

Internet expands to rural India

An entrepreneur delivers online access to government records in India's remote villages.

Build a career abroad
PLAYBuild a career abroad(1:54)Jun 15

An American career coach living in Rome teaches other expats how to succeed in business overseas.

Sustainable sea farming

Open Blue Sea Farms takes a new direction by harvesting fish in aquapods.

Teaching Brazilians to fly

Former JetBlue CEO David Neeleman changes travel habits in Brazil with his new airline, Azul.

Fruits of their labor
PLAYFruits of their labor(3:57)Mar 23

A small U.S. firm builds a sustainable berry business in the Amazon.