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Detroit has a luxury market, say what?

Just a year and a half ago Detroit filed for bankruptcy. Since that time the luxury scene in downtown Detroit has hit a boom, with even more to come.

Driving NHTSA's worst nightmare

The Shelby Cobra 427 just celebrated its 50th birthday. But this car is far from a senior citizen. Peter Valdes-Dapena takes a drive down the Vegas Strip 1960s style: no airbags, no power steering, all horsepower.

Deer Valley's apres ski ice castle

The St. Regis Deer Valley's 'Apres' Ice Castle contains 1.2 million pounds of ice...and lots of champagne and caviar, too.

Llama drama: Animals on the loose

Two escaped llamas ran through the streets of Sun City, Arizona for nearly an hour before getting caught.

Bill O'Reilly's claims under scrutiny

Liberal magazine Mother Jones and watchdog group Media Matters for America have been challenging three of Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's past accounts.

Richard Branson vs. Donald Trump

Richard Branson's new hotel, Virgin Hotels Chicago, opened just down the street from the Trump hotel. So would he ever welcome The Donald over for a drink?

Bill O'Reilly's JFK coverage questioned

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's account of an investigation into John F. Kennedy's assassination is being scrutinized.

Jon Stewart: Nobody is watching O'Reilly for 'truth'

Jon Stewart somewhat defended the Fox News host on 'The Daily Show.'

NYC to the airport in 6 minutes

On average its takes 30 minutes to get to the three area airports in New York City with no traffic. With traffic, try two hours. Gotham air launched a NYC to JFK/Newark helicopter service for just $99 a person. It gets you there in 6 minutes.

Spike Lee on Hollywood diversity

Spike Lee explains why there needs to be more diversity at the 'green light committee' and how they determine what kinds of films get made.