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A Game of Thrones 'dragon egg' dinner

A small fine dining restaurant in NYC is capitalizing on the Game of Thrones hysteria... with a tasting menu inspired by the characters. CNNMoney's Vanessa Yurkevich tried it, emu eggs and all. ?

NBC's Richard Engel changes kidnapping story

NBC is now saying that Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel was kidnapped by a criminal gang, not forces loyal to Assad, in Syria in 2012.

Land Rover: Go off-roading at a castle

At Land Rover Experience in Herefordshire, England customers can put their Land Rovers through a surprisingly intense off-road course. Oh yeah, and it's all in the backyard of a castle.

HBO warns Periscope on pirate streaming

HBO sent Periscope take down notices and wants the app to filter for copyrighted material after users streamed "Game of Thrones" from their phones.

Brian Grazer: I want Eminem to guest star on 'Empire'

Hollywood producer Brian Grazer discusses the next season of 'Empire' - and his wish list of guest stars.

As 2016 campaigns kick off, so do negative ads

Spots slamming Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul dominate the cycle of campaign ads so far.

Brian Grazer: Next season of 'Arrested Development' not a done deal

Hollywood producer Brian Grazer concedes he hasn't sealed the deal on another season, and why the irreverent show inspires such a rabid fan base.?

Brian Grazer working on Elon Musk mini-series

Hollywood producer Brian Grazer explains his fascination with Space-X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Game of Thrones: Win or die?

HBO CEO Richard Plepler explains why Game of Thrones will continue to draw viewers and be a mega-hit for the company.

HBO: We didn't withhold evidence on Durst

Richard Plepler, CEO of HBO, says he supports filmmaker Andrew Jarecki with regard to the incriminating audio featured in his six-part docu-series, The Jinx, about Robert Durst.