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'Interior design is 80% business, 20% creativity'

Sara Story, a New York-based interior designer and businesswoman, draws inspiration from her travels. She was born in Japan and has lived in Singapore and Houston, Texas. Story has a distinctive clientele. From a loft in New York's TriBeCa to a Singapore bungalow, her work has been described as "sophisticated" and "eclectic."

The battle for Viacom: Redstone v. Dauman

There's a power struggling boiling over for the future of Viacom. Controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone has split with the company's CEO, Phillippe Dauman, and Dauman thinks his daughter, Shari Redstone, is behind the takeover.

Watch the new 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer with Emma Watson

Disney gives a first look at its live action "Beauty and the Beast" starring Emma Watson as Belle.

This movie will release in 100 years

A new film starring John Malkovich was showcased at Cannes Film Festival, even though it will be locked in a safe until 2115. CNN's Lisa France explains.

CBS News legend Morley Safer dies at 84

Morley Safer was the longest serving correspondent in "60 Minutes" history and filed his last report in March.

Megyn Kelly confronts Trump on his 'bimbo' tweets

During Fox's "Megyn Kelly Presents," Kelly confronts Donald Trump about his tweets calling the Fox host a "bimbo."

Buy this island, no passport required

East Sister Rock Island is one of the last homes legally built on coral reef in the Keys and it's on the market for $10 million.

NY Times reporters stand by Trump story

Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey of The New York Times speak to CNN regarding their recent story profiling Donald Trump's relationships with women.

Trump ex-girlfriend: I was misled by New York Times

Donald Trump's ex-girlfriend, Rowanne Brewer Lane, tells CNN that she was misled and misquoted by a New York Times article.

Facebook's news power and new responsibilities

Poynter's Kelly McBride says Facebook is at a "turning point" in its relationship with the news business. And The Federalist's MZ Hemingway puts recent claims of anti-conservative bias in context.