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Only you, the birds, the gargoyles and Darth Vader can get this view of D.C. 

CNN takes you behind the scenes at the Washington National Cathedral, which offers more than just sanctuary from the DC crowds and politics: The best views of the city, an adventure atop Gothic towers and a sculpture of Darth Vader.

Snooki on Trump: He needs to focus on the country, not reality TV

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi , a contestant on this season's 'Celebrity Apprentice,' tells CNN's Chloe Melas that Trump has no business tweeting about ratings and that his Twitter should be taken away.

This is how you become a real Dallas cowboy

Over 4 million people travel to Dallas on business every year. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich finds out how to get hotel status faster and how not to leave town without having a real Texas experience.

Conway fires back at Meryl Streep, Hollywood

Kellyanne Conway and CNN's Chris Cuomo discuss Meryl Streep's Golden Globes acceptance speech, which was highly critical of President-elect Trump.

Best moments from the 2017 Golden Globes

Emotional and political, here are the best moments from the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards.

Meryl Streep gets political at Golden Globes

Meryl Streep was honored at the Golden Globes for a lifetime of notable work, and she took her moment in the spotlight to talk about Donald Trump.

Trump sets a date for a press conference

"This press conference will be very important in terms of setting the tone now," Sarah Ellison says. Ellison and Jim Rutenberg say Trump will continue to attack the media but court media attention.

Trump won't change how he tweets

Kristen Soltis Anderson's concerns are "less about tone and more about substance" when it comes to Trump's tweets. Merrill Brown and Kayleigh McEnany also discuss media distrust.

Is the press ill-prepared to cover Trump?

"I'm really concerned that the media in general is totally unprepared for what's going to happen in two weeks," journalism professor Merrill Brown says. Kayleigh McEnany also weighs in on accountability journalism.

Why did Megyn Kelly leave Fox for NBC?

Jim Rutenberg and Sarah Ellison analyze a week's worth of cable news changes, including Megyn Kelly's defection, Tucker Carlson's promotion, and Sean Hannity's claim that Joe Scarborough sought a job at Fox.