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General manager: 'Devastated' over Virginia shooting

Jeffrey A. Marks, the general manager of WDBJ, tells CNN about the shooting of Virginia reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward, who were shot and killed on live TV.

Meet the money makers of the natural hair movement

Black hair is big business - an estimated $2.7 billion industry in hair care alone. A shift away from chemical relaxers in favor of natural hair has sparked a wave of innovation in the industry and created renewed opportunity for black entrepreneurs.

WDBJ general manager announces news: 'Our hearts are broken'

A reporter and cameraman from CNN affiliate WDBJ were killed during a shooting incident that occurred on live television, according to the station.

Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump was out of line

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos reacts to being thrown out of a Donald Trump press conference.

What's the secret of teleshopping?

Step behind the scenes of shopping channel QVC to find out about the value of celebrity endorsements.

Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly: Round 2

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had more harsh tweets for Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. This time Roger Ailes, the head of the television station, fired back.

How did Patrick Stewart prep for his role as a news anchor?

Brian Stelter gets some straight talk from Sir Patrick Stewart, star of the new Starz comedy 'Blunt Talk.' Stewart plays Walter Blunt, a TV host struggling with more than just ratings.

Donald Trump is a 'ratings machine'

Donald Trump has been receiving wall-to-wall coverage on cable news, as well as dominating nightly newscasts and newspaper coverage compared to his GOP rivals.

Trump expected to appear on next Rolling Stone cover

Donald Trump has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. Next up is Rolling Stone.

Patrick Stewart teaches Brian Stelter how to read a teleprompter

The legendary star of 'Blunt Talk' on Starz tells Brian Stelter what he learned during his time in the anchor chair.