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  • New WarnerMedia CEO: Our job is to back up CNN 

    John Stankey, the new CEO of WarnerMedia, says the company understands there is a different obligation of responsibility when it comes to managing a news organization and WarnerMedia will support CNN as they continue to report on the facts.

  • Will the media dominoes start to fall? 

    Now that the AT&T/Time Warner deal has gone through, which media companies will merge and which will be left standing?

  • How Disney turns old stories into box office gold 

    Disney is pumping out hit after hit, from Star Wars to Pixar films. It may seem like a new business model, but actually CEO Bob Iger is borrowing tactics that Walt Disney himself began using almost a century ago.

  • AT&T completes Time Warner acquistion 

    CNNMoney's Brian Stelter reports on his interview with the new head of Time Warner, John Stankey.

  • Newspaper fires cartoonist critical of Trump 

    Veteran cartoonist Rob Rogers has been fired from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette after 25 years. He speaks with CNN's Erin Burnett about his firing.

  • Comcast bids $65B for 21st Century Fox assets 

    Comcast formalized a $65 billion all-cash bid for most of 21st Century Fox. It's a dramatic attempt to undercut Disney, which reached a $52.4 billion deal in December for the same film and TV assets. CNNMoney's Hadas Gold reports.

  • WaPo: Pruitt enlisted aide to get wife a job 

    In an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey talks about the report that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt had a top aide reach out to GOP donors for assistance in finding his wife a job.

  • Judge approves AT&T-Time Warner deal 

    A federal judge handed AT&T a sweeping victory and approved its $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, a deal that promises to reshape the media industry. CNN's Jessica Schneider reports.

  • Toobin: Suspicions about Trump DOJ's motives 

    CNN's Jeffrey Toobin breaks down the AT&T and Time Warner merger and explains why there are suspicions about the Trump administration's motives.