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Ferrari's better, faster supercar

Ferrari debuted the 488 GTB at the Geneva Motor Show. Ferrari promises a true driver's car with the power to back it up. But don't expect to get your hands on one quickly, the wait list is long.

A Gentleman's Guide to buying shoes

Barneys shoe expert reveals the three shoes every gentleman must have in his closet.

What next for 'Top Gear'?

Will "Top Gear" ever be the same without Jeremy Clarkson?

These cars could save Aston Martin

Aston Martin unveiled two future cars at the Geneva Auto Show. CEO Andy Palmer hopes they are the key to expanding the brand without losing its heritage.

Michael Lewis: Technology is replacing Wall Street

Michael Lewis talks to CNN's Fareed Zakaria about how Wall Street can survive automated trading.

Taylor Swift buys domain name to protect image

The pop star has registered the domain names and

The money of 'Mad Max'
PLAYThe money of 'Mad Max'(00:54)Mar 23

The first 'Mad Max' movie was made on a $650,000 budget and brought in $100 million worldwide. Now, the fourth installment has a budget that is more than the first three movies combined.

Would you pay $6.00 to ride this bus?

Luxury bus service Leap in San Francisco offers wi-fi, pricey snacks and other amenities.

Tag Heuer enters the smartwatch market

Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver discusses the Swiss watchmaker's partnership with Google and Intel to develop an android based smartwatch.

Richard Branson hints at electric car

Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson talks to CNN's Rachel Crane about Virgin Racing's aspirations for the future of electric cars.