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The visionary behind Africa's leading natural skincare brand

Renchia Droganis' journey started small 17 years ago, in her kitchen making natural skincare products. In nearly two decades, Africology has gone from a home-made product to an established international brand.

'Beauty and the Beast' stars discuss the film's message of acceptance

The stars of 'Beauty and the Best' talk to CNN's Chloe Melas about the film's message of acceptance

Funding for PBS, NPR in the crosshairs

Remember Mitt Romney's vow to de-fund PBS despite his affection for Big Bird? Brian Stelter says the Trump administration may seek to strip funding from public media.

Is Trump lacking "media literacy?"

Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, a media literacy educator, says many people lack the skills to "analyze and evaluate" media. She advocates for broad-based media education.

Hannity denies Crowley plagiarism

Are Monica Crowley and Sean Hannity in denial about Crowley's plagiarism? Brian Stelter says Hannity hurts his viewers by ignoring real reporting.

Will Fox probe continue after Bharara?

Will Trump's decision to fire Preet Bharara affect the federal investigation into Fox News settlement payments? Brian Stelter asks CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

Tillerson ducks media during Asia visit

Moira Whelan, formerly on the State Department's digital strategy team, says press coverage is a "critical component of power projection" for the U.S.

Fact check versus access

Steve Adler, the editor in chief of Reuters, talks about the dynamic of having access to interview politicians and other newsmakers, versus having to fact-check them without access.

The president is suddenly press-shy

Brian Stelter asks Lynn Sweet and David Zurawik about President Trump's inaccessibility. Are White House aides trying to shield the president from tough questions?

Your 'Cool Runnings' bobsled dream come true

Bobsledding is not just the stuff of 'Cool Runnings' and the Winter Olympics. Anyone can take a turn going 70 mph down a professional track at the Olympic Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.