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  • Bill O'Reilly under fire for Maxine Waters comments 

    The Fox News host came under fire on Twitter after making remarks that were regarded as racist and sexist about Representative Waters' hair.

  • Steve Mnuchin under fire for Lego movie plug 

    Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden says Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin violated his ethics clause when he appeared to promote "The Lego Batman Movie," a film for which he was an executive producer, during a recent interview.

  • Napolitano still off the air at Fox 

    Brian Lowry says there may be a connection between Fox's decision to bench Judge Andrew Napolitano and Rupert Murdoch's business interests in the United Kingdom.

  • Differing coverage of two tragic crimes 

    Why do some local crime stories become national news while others do not? Brian Stelter takes a look at coverage of an alleged rape and says "at Fox, all roads lead back to media bias."

  • Differences between "spin" and "lying"  

    "There is a credibility and trust factor that's really in play with this president," April Ryan says. Ryan and Bernstein discuss how press secretary Sean Spicer's credibility is also an issue.

  • Are President Trump's words worthless? 

    Carl Bernstein says Trump "is not a competent leader" and that his presidency "is a bodyguard of lies."

  • Lovett's podcasts: Biased but honest about it  

    Obama speechwriter turned liberal podcaster Jon Lovett says podcasts are an alternative to the "dead language of cable news." He has strong opinions about pro-Trump commentators on TV.

  • Time magazine asks: "Is truth dead?" 

    Should Time say the president is a "liar?" Editor Nancy Gibbs says the audience doesn't care about what they as journalists "think," but rather "what they can find out" about Trump's falsehoods.

  • "Fake news" until it's real news? 

    Conservative radio host John Phillips says he believes Trump's calls to the NYT and Washington Post were "because he was getting killed by the conservative media all week."