Is ING Direct up for grabs?

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  • Dow tumbles 400 points 

    Wall Street was disappointed by earnings from Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, and United Technologies. CNN's Richard Quest explains why the Dow is having its longest losing streak in more than a year.

  • UpShares, DownShares 

    We climb the Earnings Sharecase this quarter, tracking how each company's shares performs 24 hours after their results.

  • Has the market peaked? 

    Despite a new survey showing most fund managers think the market will peak in 2018, NYSE Trader Matt Cheslock tells CNN's Richard Quest why strong earnings might keep driving the market higher.

  • Meet the cryptocurrency-themed J-pop band 

    In Japan, the crypto-craze has led to the creation of the "Virtual Currency Girls," an eight member female pop ensemble that sings about crypto-mining and investment strategies.

  • Building blockchain into everyday life 

    Modex CEO Mihai Ivascu says you'll be using blockchain in the future even if you're not aware of it.

  • Spotify's unusual NYSE playlist 

    Spotify goes its own way as it debuts on the New York Stock Exchange. Richard Quest explains what's so unusual, and yet, so Scandinavian.

  • Economist: This is not a trade war 

    BNY Mellon AMNA's Chief Economist Vincent Reinhart tells CNNMoney's Richard Quest why everyday investors should not be too worried about a US trade war with China.

  • How to bang the NYSE gavel 

    Bringing trading to a close on Wall Street requires a range of skills. Richard Quest rates the best and worst gavel hits.

  • A turbulent quarter: Dow plunges, trade fears, Facebook 

    The first quarter of 2018 brought extreme volatility to markets, fears of a global trade war, and a data privacy crisis for Facebook.