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BullHorn: Sun sets on solar energy

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  • America's top retailers in trouble 

    Macy's is closing more stores. It's the latest sign of how tough it is for companies like JCPenney, Sears and Kohl's to compete with Amazon and bargain retailers.

  • Herbalife finally settles with the FTC 

    The controversial nutritional supplements company will pay $200 million to settle claims that consumers looking to sell Herbalife' s products lost money. But the FTC didn't call Herbalife a pyramid scheme. The stock surged, making it a victory for big backer Carl Icahn ... and loss for rival hedge fund manager Bill Ackman.

  • Party time on Wall Street!  

    Stocks are at record highs but the market leaders are mostly boring, bond alternatives, like telecoms and utilities. How much longer can the rally last?

  • It's always Prime Day for Amazon 

    Amazon is trading at an all-time high and is worth much more than rival Walmart. Investors continue to shop for the stock -- even though it's no bargain.

  • Bank stocks crushed on Brexit vote 

    Stock markets around the world sank after the U.K. voted to leave the EU. Bank stocks got hit particularly hard and investors flocked to U.S. bonds and gold. Is this another 2008 or just a temporary blip?

  • Gun stocks surge after Orlando tragedy 

    The tragedy at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando sent shares of Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger skyrocketing. Investors may be betting on a spike in gun sales if lawmakers once again press for tougher gun control laws.

  • LinkedIn accepts Microsoft's networking request 

    Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for more than $26 billion, a nearly 50% premium. But LinkedIn's stock is still well off its highs after warning about earnings growth. Still, investors seem to be betting on more social media mergers. Twitter and Yelp both rallied too.

  • Save 'til you cave? 

    Consumers are not shopping until they drop. Retail sales have been sluggish and that's bad news for companies like The Gap, Macy's and Walmart. But there's one retailer doing just fine. Amazon is at an all-time high.

  • Priceline still flying high despite CEO scandal  

    Despite the scandalous departure of CEO Darren Huston, Priceline's shares aren't exactly tanking. The reason? Wall Street cares more about who's on the bench than CEO scandals.