S&P says it may downgrade Europe ... Duh!

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  • IMAX set to invade China 

    The big screen operator has had a great year at the box office in the United States. Now the company is looking to build even more giant 3D screens in China to capitalize on that country's growing appetite for Hollywood blockbusters.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch results: Could've been worse 

    Even though the struggling apparel retailer reported another loss and big sales drop, investors seem to be relieved that Abercrombie & Fitch's results weren't as bad as some feared.

  • Michael Kors is no longer in fashion 

    The handbag wars are hurting Michael Kors. Same-store sales fell and the outlook is not good. Shares are languishing on Wall Street's discount rack.

  • Market a roller coaster? Buy the roller coasters! 

    Amusement park stocks Cedar Fair and Six Flags are having a great year thanks to strong attendance. The theme park businesses of Disney and Comcast are thriving too.

  • Best Buy stock may actually be a best buy 

    The electronics retailer's results beat forecasts. Strong smartphone sales were a big plus for Best Buy. Thanks, Apple and Samsung!

  • Good news for Walmart workers is bad for investors 

    Walmart's wage hike for employees hurt profits. The pay increase is great for workers. But Wall Street frowned. It didn't help that sales were disappointing either.

  • Ding dong! Fake Avon takeover calling! 

    Avon shares popped on a report of a buyout bid from a private equity firm. Problem? The offer turned out to be a hoax. But it just shows that the struggling Avon's only hope is to get acquired.

  • Psst. Did you hear about Apple and BlackBerry? 

    Bored traders are gossiping about Apple and BlackBerry merger rumors and other takeover chatter in Big Tech. The deals may never happen. But it shows the market wants Apple, Cisco, Microsoft and Google to put their cash to work.

  • Shake Shack stock is not appetizing  

    The food is delicious. But Shake Shack shares look ridiculously overvalued. The stock has been on a wild ride since its IPO.