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Good news for bank stocks ... kinda

All Markets Videos
  • 2017 set to be historic year for S&P 500 

    If the S&P 500 closes up in December, it will be the first time in history it closes higher every month of the year.

  • Bitcoin attacks fuel traders' frustrations 

    Who or what will keep your bitcoins safe from hack attacks? WSJ Reporter and author of "The Age of Cryptocurrency and The Blockchain" Paul Vigna speaks with Richard Quest.

  • The risks of bitcoin trading 

    Bitcoin trading has become especially frenzied in recent weeks as new investors have dived into the volatile market. But the mostly unregulated digital currency is also vulnerable to hackers.

  • Is Bitcoin just 'Tulip Mania', Take Two? 

    Bitcoin isn't the first asset to send the masses manic... and it won't be the last. Richard Quest explains.

  • Beware of bitcoin's bite: Richard Quest 

    Richard's Profitable Moment explains the pros and cons to bitcoin's rapid rise.

  • Where's the skepticism as bitcoin keeps soaring? 

    Dave Chapman of cryptocurrency exchange Octagon Strategy says "Bitcoin is no longer seen as a fad" and expects the price to keep going up as futures trading platforms on traditional exchanges begin to open up. But he believes better regulation and consumer protections are good for the market as well.

  • Bitcoin jumps 1000% this year 

    Bitcoin rises by $2000 in one day! Then it falls by just as much the very same day. Is the digital currency here to stay? Or a volatile, unproven and unbacked currency that's doomed to fail? Coindesk's Nolan Bauerie gives Richard his two cents.

  • LSE's divided house could make it a Wall Street takeover targer 

    London Stock Exchange CEO Xavier Rolet steps down. TCI Fund now wants LSE Chairman out as well. After a decade dodging six takeovers and merging three times, the LSE may finally be ripe for a transatlantic tie-up.

  • Dow has milestone year in 2017 

    A record year for record closes on Wall Street. With a month still to go, 2017 has seen 63 all-time highs for the Dow and 70 for the Nasdaq. Richard explains why Christmas came early to the New York Stock Exchange.