Good news for bank stocks ... kinda

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  • This guy could sell ice to Eskimos 

    Gene Simmons is more than just a Rock Star. He says he has never got drunk or high in his life and yet the KISS bass player is the face for a company selling medical marijuana.

  • Getting ready to walk down the 'aisle' 

    It's a coupling that you may not have expected. But take a listen as to why this trans-Atlantic marriage may just work.

  • Bitcoin buying is like 'trading turds' 

    Warren Buffett called bitcoin 'rat poison squared' at Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Meeting. Vice Chairman Charlie Munger likes cryptocurrencies even less and had a 'colorful' analogy to explain as much.

  • What is blockchain? 

    As some investors eviscerate Bitcoin in the press, many remain optimistic about the underlying technology. Clare Sebastian answers the question: what is blockchain?

  • Crude oil recovery: Are tactics working? 

    Saudi Arabia and Russia have led an effort to take surplus oil off the market, fueling a price recovery. CNN's John Defterios reports on the cooperation between OPEC and non-OPEC members to maintain stability.

  • How earnings calls go bad 

    From faulty phone connections to faulty CEOs, there are many ways for an earnings call to turn into a debacle.

  • Earnings: Apple's surprise vs Oh, Snap 

    Apple results surprises Wall Street and announces $100 billion share buyback. While Snapchat fails to snap back and shares tank 14% afterhours.

  • What uncertainty over Iran deal means for oil 

    If the US walks away from the Iran nuclear deal it could impact the oil market. CNN's John Defterios reports on the geopolitical forces at play.

  • Why investors are stressed about the bond market 

    The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield hit 3% for the first time since 2014 -- and short term rates are also on the rise, leading to what's known as a flattening yield curve. Christine Romans explains why these signals are freaking out the stock market.