Bored traders share merger gossip

Rumors of the acquisitions of Electronic Arts and Coinstar by private equity firms helped traders beat the dog days of summer.

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  • Nothing can stop Costco 

    It doesn't matter what kind of credit card customers use. Costco continues to post stellar sales and profits. And it's one of Wall Street's favorite retailers.

  • Citi must ace latest stress test 

    It's been a good week for banking giant Citigroup, but the bank could be in big trouble if it does not pass the Fed's stress tests.

  • Best Buy's turnaround is for real 

    Best Buy reported strong results during the holidays. It can thank Apple for healthy smartphone sales. Wall Street approves.

  • Cybersecurity stocks soar thanks to hack attacks 

    February was a great month for the HACK ETF thanks to the Anthem breach, a cybersecurity summit and strong earnings.

  • Is Netflix stock a house of cards? 

    Netflix shares are up more than 40% this year and fans are eager for the return of Frank Underwood and House of Cards. But does Netflix need more hits to justify its price?

  • The revenge of Whole Paycheck 

    Whole Foods is on the comeback trail. Its sales and stock price are rebounding as the organic food chain responds to cheaper organic competition.

  • Comcast: Worst company, but not worst stock 

    Comcast is despised by many customers. But despite bad PR, the NBC/Brian Williams distraction and uncertainty about a Time Warner Cable deal, the stock is near its all-time high.

  • The next RadioShacks? Not so fast. 

    J.C. Penney and Sears are two struggling retail icons. But it's probably a stretch to suggest that the two will follow RadioShack into bankruptcy just yet.

  • Strong dollar won't hurt these stocks 

    Big multinational firms are complaining about the surging greenback. But well-known companies like Comcast, Kohl's and Under Armour generate nearly all their sales from the U.S. and won't have a currency problem.

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