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Was this the night Trump decided to run?

Multiple news outlets have suggested that President Obama's mocking of Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner provoked him to run for office. Trump tells a different story. Regardless, President Trump has declined to go to this year's dinner.

Heineken ad attempts to bridge divides

This Heineken ad is drawing praise online for its message and execution, in sharp contrast to the recent Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner.

Tom Hanks and Emma Watson talk social media

On the red carpet for "The Circle," stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson spoke about their social media presence and roles for women in tech.

United releases new customer service plan

United Airlines has released 10 new policy changes to improve its customer service.

Source: ESPN laying off 100 employees

A source familiar with the matter tells CNNMoney that ESPN is laying off 100 on-air personalities and writers.

Trump administration calls for dramatic tax cuts

The Trump administration has finally outlined its new tax proposal, which leans heavily on tax cuts but offers few details on how to pay for them.

Nordstrom sells these silly, pricey things

Nordstrom is selling dirty jeans for $425 dollars. Here's a look at the retailer's other brushes with exorbitant prices and Twitter mockery.

Pioneer Latino journalist Cecilia Alvear dies

Alvear, who lost a battle with cancer, achieved recognition through her advocacy for newsroom diversity. She was NBC's first Latina producer.

Wells Fargo CEO: Trump will get tax reform done

Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan tells CNN's Poppy Harlow why tax and health care reform are the most important issues for his customers, and why he hopes Gary Cohn is influencing the Trump administration.

Colorado facing influx of black market pot

Since Colorado legalized pot for recreational use, both legal and illegal profits are growing. CNN's Ana Cabrera looks at efforts to weed out illegal producers.