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The Best of Nancy Grace
PLAYThe Best of Nancy Grace(03:26)11:58am

From arguing with 2 Chainz about marijuana to the Casey Anthony verdict, a look at some of Nancy Grace's big moments.

Miss Teen USA ditches swimsuits

After 33 years, the teenage beauty pageant decided to get rid of its swimsuit competition.

Mark Zuckerberg is building a wall around Hawaii property

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is building a wall around his Hawaii property. He's being criticized by neighbors and on social media since he condemned Donald Trump's Mexico border plans.

GOP discusses findings of new Benghazi report

Rep. Trey Gowdy among other GOP House members hold a news conference on findings of a new report on the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

An inside look at sextortion

CNNMoney Senior Technology Corespondent Laurie Segall explores sextortion, a form of online harassment that extorts victims for money or explicit images

Jesse Williams steals the show at BET Awards

The "Grey's Anatomy" star received a standing ovation and was hailed on social media for his acceptance speech after accepting the 2016 BET Humanitarian Award, in which he took society to task for racism.

Investors panic after Brexit vote

The U.K. has decided to leave the EU, and investors around the world responded with a selling frenzy. Alison Kosik explains the market mania.

Brexit: U.S. markets drop at start of trading

Investors in the United States sold stocks after Britain voted to leave the European Union. Economists Diane Swonk and Mohamed El-Erian weigh in.

A look at David Cameron's time as PM

With David Cameron announcing his resignation, here's a look back at his time as prime minister.

Tony Blair: We must try to stabilize, come together

Former prime minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair explains the possible consequences for the British economy following the Brexit vote, and what must happen to stabilize the country.