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Google names Ruth Porat its new CFO

Ruth Porat will become Google's new chief financial officer in May.

Indiana's religious freedom law: Belief or bigotry?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows businesses to refuse service to gay people on religious grounds.

Investors love Tim Cook's Apple

Under Tim Cook's watch, Apple shares have soared. Christine Romans explains how Tim Cook go out of Steve Jobs' shadow.

Airbus A320: The airlines' workhorse

More than 6,200 Airbus A320 planes are in operation around the world. CNN's Thom Patterson explains the Airbus A320's history and safety record.

Are 'low-cost' airlines less safe?

Germanwings is Lufthansa's low-cost carrier, the latest in a long string of 'low-cost' airlines that have suffered major crashes in the last year. Does 'low cost' mean less safe? Cristina Alesci breaks down the myths behind the budget carriers.

Kraft and Heinz to merge

Heinz and Kraft merge to form one of the world's largest food and beverage companies.

Michael Lewis: Technology is replacing Wall Street

Michael Lewis talks to CNN's Fareed Zakaria about how Wall Street can survive automated trading.

Taylor Swift buys domain name to protect image

The pop star has registered the domain names and

Ted Cruz: 'I am running for president'

Senator Ted Cruz speaks at Liberty University in Virginia after launching his presidential campaign.

The money of 'Mad Max'
PLAYThe money of 'Mad Max'(00:54)Mar 23

The first 'Mad Max' movie was made on a $650,000 budget and brought in $100 million worldwide. Now, the fourth installment has a budget that is more than the first three movies combined.