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Bruce Campbell on the longevity of 'Evil Dead'

Bruce Campbell of the "Evil Dead" franchise talks to CNNMoney's Frank Pallotta about why he wouldn't make the movie again and his thoughts on the horror genre.

Amazon's effect on local economies

Windsor, Connecticut is home to New England's first Amazon fulfillment center. Mayor Don Trinks says, "it's been good for bringing in other businesses."

CNN anchor to NRA spokesperson: How dare you

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota asks NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch why she said "many in legacy media love mass shootings."

Here's what young conservatives at CPAC think of the media

A recurring theme at CPAC: bashing the media. CNN's Tom Kludt asked young conservatives what they think about the media, and where they get their news.

Survivors and parents spar with Rubio, the NRA

Here are some of the most contentious moments from the CNN town hall "Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action."

Can Amazon shares maintain momentum?

Despite Amazon's seemingly unstoppable growth, D.A. Davidson's Tom Forte points out where there's room for improvement.

Facebook, YouTube fail to blunt conspiracy theories

Tech's biggest companies failed to prevent the spread of false information about the Parkland school shooting.

How opioid addiction is hurting businesses

Many business owners say they're struggling to find workers. The economy is strong, but the labor force participation rate is near a forty-year low. Where have all the workers gone? One factor -- the opioid epidemic. The human tragedy is also an economic crisis. Christine Romans talks to business owners about the search for the missing workers.

Watch Bill Gates try to guess grocery prices

Billionaire Bill Gates tested his everyday knowledge on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" by trying to name the prices of common groceries.

NYT op-ed columnist issues 'code red' over Trump

The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman discusses his opinion piece that issues a "code red" warning to America.