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Life-saving drugs are getting more expensive

The price of prescription drugs keeps rising, sparking consumer and political outrage.

Hillary Clinton's explanations of her email saga

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been trying for over a year to explain the email scandal surrounding her time as secretary of state.

Clinton speaks out against revenge porn

Hillary Clinton is vowing to crackdown on revenge porn and help craft laws that protect victims of cybercrime.

Barbra Streisand performs on 'The Tonight Show'

Barbra Streisand appeared on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" to promote her new album. She did a duet with Alec Baldwin, who actually sings on the album, and sang with Fallon's "Donald Trump."

John Krasinski's 'The Hollars' is a movie about real people

The new film 'The Hollars' is the complete opposite of an action movie. Margo Martindale and John Krasinski, who directs and stars in the film, sit down to talk about what it was like on the set.

EpiPen maker to offer discounts for some patients

Mylan pharmaceuticals says they will provide savings cards worth $300 to patients that have to pay the full price for the allergy drug out of pocket. CNN Money's Cristina Alesci reports.

Review: 'Narcos' is still addictive

While "Narcos" seemingly came with a built in expiration date, the second season is just as addictive as the first. CNNMoney's Brian Lowry reviews the second season of this Netflix drama.

What is the alt-right movement?

Hillary Clinton is highlighting the Trump campaign's ties to a far right-wing movement called "alternative right." CNN's Brian Stelter reports.

Cost of life-saving EpiPens up over 400%

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar blasted Mylan Pharmaceutical, the maker of an injection device known as EpiPens, which can save the life of someone experiencing an allergic reaction, accusing them of price gouging.

Usher: 'Hands of Stone' is instigator for more films about great African Americans

Usher talks about what the Black Lives Matter movement means for diversity in the film industry.