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Rapid fire politics with Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler opens up to CNN's Poppy Harlow in a word association rapid fire about the 2016 election.

Chelsea Handler: 'I know what I want and I've asked for it'

Chelsea Handler opens up to CNN's Poppy Harlow about her new Netflix show "Chelsea," the gender pay gap, and women in Hollywood.

Global cyberattack could be 'disaster' for smart home devices

Xiongmai, the Chinese company whose products were targeted in the global DDOS attack, says the attack "is a huge disaster for the Internet of Things."

Time Warner, AT&T CEOs on $85 billion merger

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson sit down with Christine Romans to discuss AT&T's $85 billion deal to acquire Time Warner.

How will Rodrigo Duterte's strong words for the U.S. affect the Philippine economy?

CNN's Will Ripley reports from the Philippines -- where some worry the outspoken president could scare away business.

Cyberattack on Twitter, Netflix, and more may have come from webcams

A massive DDoS attack took down large swaths of the Internet on Friday. The malware may have been distributed through ordinary devices in users homes. Samuel Burke reports.

Fired Twitter contractor: Why my past comments shouldn't plague my future

Greg Gopman, a tech entrepreneur who once penned a harsh critique of San Francisco's homeless population, says he lost his job as a VR contractor at Twitter after his 2013 comments resurfaced in the media.

Massive cyber attack takes down major websites

A DDoS attack, which overwhelms servers by flooding them with traffic, disrupted popular sites like Twitter, Netflix and Reddit. CNN's Samuel Burke reports.

Is AT&T acquiring Time Warner?

CNN's Brian Stelter and Paul R. La Monica join Richard Quest to discuss rumors of an AT&T takeover bid for Time Warner. Time Warner is the parent company of CNN.

Smithsonian museum honors African-American pioneers

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield visits the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture for an exclusive look at the exhibits.