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To fight revenge porn, I had to copyright my breasts

Only seventeen states have criminalized revenge porn and victims sometimes have to get creative to defend themselves. Laurie Segall reports.

Trading revenge porn like baseball cards

Hackers are breaking into webcams and emails to gain access to intimate images and then selling or trading them in the dark corners of the web. Laurie Segall reports.

Exclusive: Chipotle becomes first national chain to go GMO-free

In a CNNMoney video exclusive, Chipotle founder Steve Ells tells Cristina Alesci about the restaurant's next step on the road to healthier fast food.

Hear a revenge porn hacker explain why he did it

Hacker Charlie Evens infiltrated countless womens' inboxes to steal naked photos and post them on a revenge porn website. He explains why he did it in an interview with Laurie Segall.

Google exec killed in Nepal lived 'life based on happiness'

The girlfriend and brother of Google executive Dan Fredinburg, who died while climbing Mt. Everest during the massive Nepal earthquake, tell CNNMoney's Laurie Segall that he lived a life based on happiness.

My naked body was all over the Internet

For victims of revenge porn, every Internet search is a source of anxiety. Laurie Segall reports.

Undercover mom takes on revenge porn king

Charlotte Laws' daughter took a topless selfie and shared it with no one, but it ended up on one of the most popular revenge porn websites. Laurie Segall reports.

What's revenge porn?
PLAYWhat's revenge porn?(02:02)Apr 26

Revenge porn is a growing form of online harassment in which nude photos are published online without consent. Laurie Segall explains.

Bruce Jenner: 'I have the soul of a female'

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner tells Diane Sawyer in an ABC News exclusive that he is a woman.

Cecily Strong headlines D.C.'s 'Nerd Prom'

SNL star Cecily Strong will host the White House Correspondents' Dinner. CNN's Poppy Harlow sat down with her to find out how she prepared for the big night.