Federal taxes fall short of spending

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  • Countering Hannity's bid to discredit Mueller 

    New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg discusses Sean Hannity's anti-Mueller and anti-media talking points, plus the need to inform the public about how the media really works. Rutenberg previews the new inside-the-NYT series called "The Fourth Estate."

  • This is Bernstein's 'bottom line' about Trump 

    "Trump does not want this story told -- that's the bottom line." Carl Bernstein says the president wants to bury the Mueller probe because "Mueller has the ability and the facts to reveal him, Donald Trump, in a really terrible light."

  • Why Pruitt is hiding from the press 

    Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee and Mother Jones reporter Rebecca Leber join Brian Stelter to discuss the EPA's lack of transparency. EPA officials blocked some journalists from attending a recent speech by EPA chief Scott Pruitt. "I'm not gonna stand for it," says Kildee, a Democrat who is calling for an investigation.

  • Donté Stallworth on the new kneeling policy 

    Trump on NFL players who don't stand for the anthem: "Maybe you shouldn't be in the country." Former player Donté Stallworth's reaction: "I think it's detestable for the president to use that type of rhetoric, especially towards American citizens who are peacefully protesting."

  • How to cover Trump's lies 

    Sarah Westwood, Daniel Dale and Joan Walsh discuss Trump's truth problem with Brian Stelter. Dale says "incessant dishonesty" is "a central feature of his presidency," yet it's too often treated as "a side show rather than the central story." He says journalists should keep Trump's lies front and center.

  • LeDuff takes the media to task over ratings 

    Brian Stelter sits down with author Charlie LeDuff about his new book "Sh*tshow." LeDuff critiques numbing coverage of the Trump administration and suggests some other possible stories for the press corps.

  • Missing migrant kids: How the story went viral 

    Trump is trying to shift blame for government decisions that cause immigrant children to be separated from their parents. Daniel Dale points out that Trump officials have "owned" the new policy, while Trump himself is blaming Democrats. Walsh asks, "Where do we draw the line in cruelty?"

  • Trump tweets White House aide 'doesn't exist' 

    The Trump administration held a "background briefing" where a "senior White House official" provided information to reporters from The New York Times, CNN and other news outlets. Days later, President Donald Trump claimed the aide "doesn't exist." CNN's Brian Stelter explains.

  • Amazon under fire over Echo recording error 

    A woman in Portland, Oregon, claimed her Amazon Echo secretly recorded a private conversation, then sent the audio file to an acquaintance. CNN's Anna Stewart explains.