Breaking Faith: Fraud in the Heartland
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Cook investor keeps faith

Mike Patterson lost almost half a million dollars but says, 'They can take your money, but they can't take who you are.'

Cook employee: 'It all seemed legit'

Kyle Garmin worked for Trevor Cook and lost about $4 million of his family's money in the fraudulent operation.

Minneapolis, God and a $190 M fraud

How 1,200 investors were conned out of more than $190 million by two Minnesota money men using Christian radio.

SEC can't catch all Ponzi schemes

Merri Jo Gillette of the Securities and Exchange Commission warns of predatory plans and says the SEC is under-resourced.

Cook victim: He took everything

Mary Dingman worked and invested with Trevor Cook. She and her sister say they trusted Cook but he took everything.

Ponzi-scheme operator's luxury cars

The man who auctions off Trevor Cook's cars calls him a poser who owned fancy looking cars.