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Toys 'R' Us founder dies at 94

Days after Toys "R" Us announced they were closing all US stores, the company's founder, Charles Lazarus, died.

Mark Hamill: Still 'in denial' about fate of Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill and his "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson sit down with CNNMoney's Frank Pallotta to talk about their relationship making Episode VIII and their love of original cast members Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

CNN Exclusive: Zuckerberg apologizes

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Laurie Segall, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for how his company handled the Cambridge Analytica debacle.

Zuckerberg says he's open to testifying before Congress

In an interview with CNN's Laurie Segall, Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the data debacle that has upended Facebook and left the door open to testifying before Congress.

Fox News analyst denounces network as 'propaganda machine'

Longtime Fox News analyst Ralph Peters sharply criticized the network in an internal email announcing his exit from the company.

Starbucks CEO: We've reached pay equity in the US

Starbucks has reached gender and race pay equity among all US employees in similar roles. Maggie Lake sits down with CEO Kevin Johnson to discuss the announcement.

Cambridge Analytica CEO: I met Trump 'many times'

In undercover footage filmed by British broadcaster Channel 4, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix talks about the company's relationship with the Trump campaign. See full report at

How your data makes Facebook billions

Everything you do on Facebook helps the company know you better. Advertisers pay big bucks for those insights. But what happens when that data falls into the wrong hands?

Why the AT&T-Time Warner trial matters

The government argues AT&T's proposed purchase of Time Warner, parent of CNN, is bad for consumers. If the judge agrees, the case could change the course of history for the media industry.

Whistleblower: It's my duty to tell people

CNN's Don Lemon sits down with Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie.