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Business News Videos
  • Vice: a company 'built on hype' 

    Reeves Wiedeman joins Brian Stelter to discuss his New York magazine story about Vice Media. He says a company that was "built on hype" must now face the real issue of the limits to its growth.

  • Rob Reiner on Trump, the probe and the press 

    Filmmaker Rob Reiner, an outspoken Trump critic, talks with Brian Stelter about the health of our press, our parties and our democracy. He says pro-Trump talk shows and websites are "essentially state-run media."

  • How to make a 'truth sandwich' 

    Brian Stelter shares linguist George Lakoff's advice about stopping the spread of political lies. Stelter's idea is a "truth sandwich." Doug Heye says news outlets shouldn't give so much attention to Trump's tweets.

  • Stelter on the AT&T deal and CNN's future 

    Brian Stelter discusses AT&T's ownership of CNN and the other parts of what is now formerly known as Time Warner. He also shares highlights from his interview with John Stankey, the new head of WarnerMedia.

  • Trump's 'vicious cycle' of dishonesty 

    President Trump's interviews and pressers generated a lot of news coverage and a lot of fact-checks. Brian Karem, Olivia Nuzzi and Doug Heye discuss the value of "access" with Brian Stelter.

  • Karem not sorry for briefing room outburst 

    Brian Karem tells Brian Stelter he has no regrets about interrupting Sarah Sanders at a recent briefing. Rather, he's sorry to suffering families "for waiting so long and holding my temper." He said he is "extremely angry with this administration."

  • Top story on Father's Day: migrant families 

    Brian Karem, Olivia Nuzzi and Doug Heye join Brian Stelter to discuss coverage of the policy change that is causing more parents to be separated from their children after crossing the border illegally. Nuzzi says Trump is "lying about this policy."

  • Trumpworld's deception is getting worse 

    Brian Stelter says the White House's "lying, deception and anti-media attacks" are "getting worse." He asks "are we actually reaching a boiling point?"

  • Why Ford is revamping iconic Detroit landmark 

    Michigan Central Station was once the gateway to the Midwest. Now, it's a sign of urban collapse. But Ford wants to change that, transforming the American icon into a tech hub for autonomous driving and more. Bill Ford tells Poppy Harlow why the company is all in on Detroit.