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IMF: Greece needs to get its swagger back

Business News Videos
  • Trump's Treasury pick could face a fight 

    Steven Mnuchin's confirmation hearing to be the next Treasury Secretary is almost certainly going to be contentious. Cristina Alesci introduces this LA billionaire who could end up managing America's money.

  • NYTimes CEO: Media needs 'professional solidarity' under Trump 

    Mark Thompson spoke to Richard Quest about how the news industry needs to respond if President-Elect Trump continues to attack and the challenges of fake news.

  • Sanders to HHS pick: 'We are not a compassionate society' 

    Sen. Bernie Sanders grills Rep. Tom Price, President-elect Donald Trump's choice to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, over his opinion on health care as a human right.

  • Nissan CEO: Automakers will increase US production 

    Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn tells Richard Quest that all car companies will have to adjust how they do business under Trump.

  • Saudi Aramco CEO: IPO still on track for 2018 

    The CEO of the world's largest oil company tells John Defterios about the state of the Saudi Arabian company's reserves, and how they are still planning on what will be the biggest IPO in history.

  • Doctor: Obamacare has to go 

    CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke with doctors around the country as Republicans take the first steps toward repealing Obamacare.

  • Who is Tom Price? 

    Donald Trump's pick for Health and Human Services secretary is one of the few Republican lawmakers with a detailed plan to replace Obamacare.CNN's Sanjay Gupta looks at the man who could be just the third physician appointed to this role.

  • Can Trump take credit for new jobs? 

    Automakers, manufacturers and retailers have announced hiring plans since the election. But is it PR spin to please the President-elect or real job creation because of his policies? Christine Romans and Richard Quest join CNN's New Day to examine this new corporate move.

  • Biden: 'I promise' Russia will target democracies 

    In his last major speech as vice president of the United States, Joe Biden called on Europe and the U.S. to lead the fight against Russian subversion of liberal values.