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Who's in the AAA sovereign debt club?

Business News Videos
  • 'Made in Germany' or 'Made in Collusion?' 

    BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Audi and Porsche are under investigation for possibly working together like a cartel since the 1990s. Germany's Member of the European Parliament Hans-Olaf Henkel, himself the former IBM Germany CEO as well as former Director of the BDI (Federation of German Industry) discusses if this is just a civil violation or also a criminal one.

  • Mixed messages from White House on Russia sanctions  

    A day after congressional negotiators announced an agreement on a Russian sanctions bill, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the administration was on board. However, Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said President Donald Trump was still considering it.

  • South Korea willing to help North Korea during drought 

    South Korea offers to help North Korea as it struggles with "the worst drought in 100 years." CNN's Kathy Novak reports.

  • Will WH shake-up lead to more combative press strategy? 

    Scott Jennings, former special assistant to President George W. Bush, says there is "frustration in the White House" over communicating their achievements. He thinks Scaramucci's role will be to solve that.

  • Will cameras be turned back on at WH briefings? 

    Dan Pfeiffer, former senior advisor to Obama, says the cameras in the White House press briefings will turn on as a sign that Scaramucci is "playing ball," until they'll curb access again, using it "as a stick to whack the press with."

  • Is Scaramucci the right guy in the wrong job? 

    Dan Pfeiffer, former Senior Advisor to Obama, asks the question. "It's not a job you can do sitting in a cable news green room all the time," he adds.

  • Kellyanne Conway: Russia is 'not a big story' 

    Kellyanne Conway says the media spends too much time covering allegations of collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia during the 2016 campaign.  "You look at his job through the lens of Russia. I look at his job through the lens of America," Conway told CNN's Brian Stelter, adding that the ongoing Russia investigation was "not a big story."

  • Conway says coverage of White House is 'unfair'  

    After this week's shakeup at the top, the White House media team plans to double down on President's Trump's message on the economy and national security. But it shows no signs of backing off its criticism of press coverage it believes is unfair.

  • Congress reaches Russia sanctions deal  

    The House and Senate have struck a deal that could send a new bill to President Donald Trump's desk before the end of the month that would slap Russia with new sanctions and give Congress new veto power over easing sanctions against Moscow.