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  • Turkish lira hits record low 

    Turkey is trying desperately to halt a collapse in its currency that could trigger an economic crisis just as the country prepares to vote in an election.

  • Richard Branson wants you to rethink cruises 

    Virgin Voyages has unveiled sleek new ship designs in hopes of attracting a different kind of cruise ship traveler.

  • Betsy DeVos' controversial statements 

    Here are a few of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' most contentious remarks from gun control in schools to sexual harassment on campus.

  • Why are the French always striking? 

    France has a special relationship with industrial action. CNN's Jim Bittermann explains how the French became the world's most famous strikers.

  • Daymond John: Failure is a necessary process 

    Daymond John always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started out selling t-shirts from his van. Now he's the founder of hip hop apparel company Fubu and one of the investors on "Shark Tank."

  • NYPD investigating Mario Batali for sexual misconduct 

    In a "60 Minutes" report, multiple women shared their stories of alleged sexual abuse by celebrity chef Mario Batali.

  • This is what Venezuela needs to fix its economy 

    The Venezuelan economy is still crippled by soaring inflation and a lack of investment in its oil industry. CNN's Paula Newton reports from Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Putting Trump's 'animals' remark in context 

    Brian Stelter, Sabrina Siddiqui, John Avlon and ----Max Boot discuss the coverage of President Trump's recent "animals" remark. Trump says he was talking about MS-13 gang members. The panel agrees that context is critical, but John Avlon also warns the press should be weary of "bullies playing the victim card."

  • Does Giuliani have a press strategy?  

    Sabrina Siddiqui, John Avlon and ----Max Boot discuss how Trump surrogates like Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway sow "confusion" in interviews. Avlon asserts that it's about deflecting and diverting attention from issues the president doesn't want the press to cover.