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NFL linebacker tackles women's fashion

The Buzz Videos
  • Is Starbucks unstoppable? 

    The coffee king's stock is at an all-time high and it's hard to see anything on the horizon that can slow Starbucks down.

  • Goldman is more like a boring bank ... but don't expect toasters 

    Goldman Sachs bought GE online deposits and and will sell its Colombian coal mining assets.

  • Oil keeps plunging. Here's why. 

    Iran is now pumping more oil, adding to concerns about a global supply glut. But volatility in China is leading to fears about oil demand. Copper, corn and other commodities are tumbling too.

  • Can it get any worse for Whole Foods? 

    The stock has continued to plunge after its disastrous earnings report. A shareholder is suing Whole Foods for the NYC overpricing scandal. And John Oliver just tore the company apart.

  • The WWE body slams its skeptics 

    Forget Hulk Hogan. The WWE is rapidly adding subscribers for its streaming network. That's led to profits -- and a huge jump in WWE's stock.

  • Gold is no longer glittering. Here's why 

    The price of gold has continued to plunge for a variety of reasons. Little inflation, no Grexit, a strong dollar and concerns about Chinese demand have all hurt the yellow metal.

  • The Marlboro Man is still cool on Wall Street 

    Tobacco giant Altria reported strong sales and earnings. So did rival Reynolds American. Both stocks are smoking this year. The companies are also investing heavily in e-cigarettes.

  • Will insurer mergers raise healthcare costs? 

    The five major health insurers will soon become three. Cigna and Anthem are merging. That follows Humana and Aetna. UnitedHealth just completed a big deal too. There are concerns these companies will now have more clout to boost premiums.

  • The battle of the brands 

    General Motors and Under Armour both reported strong earnings on Thursday, while McDonald's is having a tougher time keeping up with its competition.