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Berlusconi's legacy of scandal

Business News Videos
  • Inside murky foreign profits at Trump's hotels 

    In January, the Trump Organization promised to donate foreign profits from its hotels to the U.S. Treasury. Four months later, the company now says that's not totally practical. All this, as foreign governments and groups tied to foreign governments continue to hold events at Trump hotels. CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci reports.

  • Ramadan ad wants to 'bomb hatred with love' 

    The advertisement is a music video that features a recreated terrorist attack and lyrics asking for peace instead of violence.

  • British Airways' costly computer system crash 

    The "major IT systems failure" that grounded thousands of British Airways flights over the weekend could cost the airline more than $100 million. CNNMoney's Samuel Burke reports.

  • White house hunkers down against press 

    Essay: White House hunkers down against press

  • Is the Trump administration boxing-out the press? 

    The president's lack of news conferences with reporters on his trip abroad is nothing short of unprecedented. "When you talk about the freedom of the press, it's not just about us, it's more about you," says April Ryan.

  • International reaction to Trump's first trip 

    How was Trump's first trip abroad covered by the international press? BBC international affairs reporter Kim Ghattas breaks it down with Frank Sesno.

  • Dueling narratives at Fox News 

    Jane Hall and Erik Wemple discuss the big issues Fox News is facing right now including one with the network's superstar Sean Hannity.

  • Rising hostility against journalists  

    The mistreatment of journalists got physical this week when a reporter in Montana was body-slammed by a politician. Frank Sesno talks to Indira Lakshmanan and Michael Oreskes about journalists literally under attack.

  • Journalists under attack  

    Poynter Institute ethics chair chair Indira Lakshmanan tells CNN's Frank Sesno "decline in trust in the press is something that has been happening for decades now."