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Why oil prices keep on climbing

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  • #BendTheKnee: Former NFL player Ovie Mughelli speaks out 

    Ovie Mughelli played nine seasons in the NFL.He says the players taking a knee aren't disrespecting the flag or the country -- it's about inequality and injustice against black Americans.

  • Fareed's Take: German voters and Trump's base  

    Angela Merkel has vowed to get AfD voters back.She's fighting against a wave of economic and political discontent that has swept Europe and the United States. CNN's Fareed Zakaria gives his take.

  • #TakeAKnee heats up on and off the field 

    The #TakeAKnee movement was re-energized after President Donald Trump criticized NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem.

  • The week in media news with Bill Carter 

    Bill Carter and Brian Stelter run through some of the week's biggest media stories -- from a NYT reporter "being fed a story" while dining in the same restaurant as Trump's lawyer, to Sean Spicer's controversial Emmys appearance, to Megyn Kelly's new show.

  • Carl Bernstein: Russia probes are 'closing in' 

    Carl Bernstein says Robert Mueller's investigation is not focused on "collusion" but rather on "cover up." He says it's "certain that Russians were "deadly effective" in "specifically helping Donald Trump" and he has advice for the journalists covering the story.

  • Warner wants a new law tracking political ads 

    Senator Mark Warner, who is pressing Facebook for more information about Russian ads, is proposing new legislation to ensure more transparency for political ads on the web. Warner tells Brian Stelter that Trump's "refusal to acknowledge what happened" in terms of Russian meddling in the 2016 election "does our country a disservice."

  • Kimmel 'more accurate' than GOP on health bill 

    Jimmy Kimmel put "a face to the story" and drew national attention to the Graham-Cassidy bill debate, CNN media analyst Bill Carter says. Kimmel has a much larger platform "than most of us health policy reporters," Vox's Sarah Kliff adds. She says that Kimmel's criticism of the bill was generally correct.

  • How Trump is changing sports coverage  

    Christine Brennan says Trump's comments about the NFL have "presented the most amazing journalistic platter" to sports reporters, and that "there's no doubt this is one of the biggest sports stories and cultural stories" in years.

  • Is Trump's attack against the NFL racist? 

    Former NFL wide receiver Donté Stallworth says that when it comes to the word "racist," "I don't sling [that] around lightly." Regarding Trump and the NFL, Stallworth says "I don't need to say whether he's a white supremacist or a racist because his own actions speak for themselves."