Playing the blame game on gas prices

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  • Kerri Walsh Jennings: I was warned to not get pregnant 

    Beach volleyball legend Kerri Walsh Jennings was six weeks pregnant when she won a gold medal in the London Olympics - but she says she was warned to hold off on starting a family or she may lose her sponsors. She sits down with CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia to talk about the challenges of being a mother and a professional athlete.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken ran out of ... chicken 

    CNN's Richard Quest explains KFC's chicken delivery problem that temporarily closed hundreds of stores, and how something so critical to the business went wrong.

  • Puerto Ricans endure months without power 

    Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September, yet many residents still do not have power. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

  • Life inside an Amazon fulfillment center 

    Before the Amazon package arrives on your doorstep, it passes through a warehouse like this. Meet the workers who power Amazon's dominance in retail.

  • Is Germany ready to kick the diesel habit?  

    CNN's Atika Shubert talks to residents of Stuttgart, Germany about how they are trying to get their clean air back.

  • How opioid addiction is hurting businesses 

    Many business owners say they're struggling to find workers. The economy is strong, but the labor force participation rate is near a forty-year low. Where have all the workers gone? One factor -- the opioid epidemic. The human tragedy is also an economic crisis. Christine Romans talks to business owners about the search for the missing workers.

  • Watch Bill Gates try to guess grocery prices 

    Billionaire Bill Gates tested his everyday knowledge on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" by trying to name the prices of common groceries.

  • Eurostar's Amsterdam route hopes to compete with flying 

    Starting in April, business travelers and tourists will be able to travel direct from London to Amsterdam and Rotterdam on a Eurostar train. CNN's Anna Stewart hops on board for a trial journey.

  • Trump says he supports bump stock ban 

    At a ceremony honoring public safety officers with the Medal of Valor, President Trump said that he supports a ban on bump stock devices that allow semi-automatic rifles to simulate automatic fire.