Handicapping fate of health care reform

Universal Health Services CEO Alan Miller says many aspects of the Affordable Care Act are likely to remain in place after the Supreme Court rules.

Strategy Sessions Videos
  • Airbus CEO: Ejectable black boxes coming 

    Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier said he is 'relieved' following the news that searchers have recovered both the black boxes from AirAsia Flight QZ8501.

  • Mercedes visualizes the future of driving 

    Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Dieter Zetsche, says the merger of Silicon Valley and the automotive industry is providing opportunities like the connected car and autonomous driving.

  • Jaguar Land Rover invests in fuel economy 

    Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover in North America, discusses the new Jaguar F-PACE and says the drop in oil prices is not going to keep them from building fuel-efficient cars.

  • Best day for stocks in 2014 

    Investors loved the message from Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve, leading to the best two days the stock market has seen in 6 years.

  • Sriracha, Ginger, & Honey Oh My 

    Cristina Alesci visits Pizza Hut's test kitchen in Plano, Texas to taste the company's new pizzas and to learn how they're trying to revitalize their brand.

  • Why Starbucks's CEO wrote a book about veterans 

    In a new book, Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran argue that fewer than 1% of Americans served in Iraq and Afghanistan, post-9/11, and many feel disconnected from civilian society.

  • Your smartphone is your hotel key 

    Now you can skip the front desk and go straight to your hotel room with a virtual key. Starwood CEO Frits van Paasschen tells Christine Romans why this new technology is easier and safer than traditional keys

  • Starbucks wants to be your new wallet 

    Starbucks CEO: Mobile payments will one day be bigger than cash

  • How to be a 28 year-old CEO  

    Tumblr CEO David Karp tells Christine Romans why Tumblr's advertising strategy is starting to pay off and what it's like to work with Marissa Mayer.