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Dimon: 'No, we're not too big to fail'

While testifying in front of Congress Jamie Dimon said that JPMorgan could only lose a trillion dollars if 'this earth is hit by a moon.'

Business News Videos
  • Bitcoin futures begin trading 

    Cboe Global Markets CEO Ed Tilly speaks with CNN's Maggie Lake about the launch of bitcoin futures.

  • Collins still undecided on tax vote 

    Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said that she hasn't made a decision yet about whether or not she will vote for the the Republican tax reform plan.

  • Sen. Cardin on Russia's media move, net neutrality 

    Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) speaks with CNN's Brian Stelter about Russia's decision to label nine American-backed media outlets in Russia as foreign agents and the upcoming vote to roll-back net neutrality.

  • Are Trump's TV habits causing concern? 

    CNN senior political commentator David Axelrod discusses the recent NYT report revealing President Trump's daily TV routine and what he's learned about the podcast world through hosting "The Axe Files," soon to be at 200 episodes.

  • Why did newsrooms make so many mistakes this week?  

     The Atlantic senior editor David Frum and journalist Carl Bernstein discuss why people should still trust the media given recent mistakes.  Frum says "mistakes are precisely the reason that people should trust the media" because "it's the process of bringing truth to light."

  • Bernstein: Fox hosts are abetting a cover-up 

    Carl Bernstein says that many Fox News hosts are "abetting a cover-up" by attacking Robert Mueller's investigation while seeming oblivious to President Trump's factual errors.

  • Bernstein: reporting mistakes are inevitable  

    Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein says, "people are looking for information that reinforces what they already believe" instead of the truth and discusses a reporting mistake he made while covering Watergate.

  • How Moore mastered Trump's anti-media playbook  

    Alabama Media Group state political columnist Kyle Whitmire says the Republican party has created a distorted reality, giving Alabamians a "license to disbelieve things that they don't want to be true."

  • Anonymous political donations could soon be tax deductible 

    Deep in the House Republican tax plan, there's a provision that could lead to billions of dollars of tax-deductible money being routed into political campaigns. CNNMoney's Jon Sarlin explains why a rollback of the Johnson Amendment could be the next "Citizens United."