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  • The $1.25 toll that became a $300 bill 

    Harry Memnon didn't realize he failed to pay a $1.25 toll in 2009. But then, three years later, he was billed almost $300 for that toll -- a big chunk of which was for penalties. The rest was for fees charged by a debt collector called Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson.

  • My debt collection horror story  

    Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson is one of the largest government debt collectors in the country. It goes after everything from unpaid parking tickets to back taxes. But many of the people the firm goes after say they have been unfairly targeted. Here are three of their stories.

  • Is college worth the cost? 

    College students received nearly $239 billion in aid in 2013. Many have a hard time paying those loans off. Is a college degree worth it?

  • Your home, your tax shelter 

    Companies have the Cayman Islands, and you have your home. Christine Romans breaks down what you can deduct on your taxes from your home.

  • What Obamacare means for your taxes 

    The next Obamacare controversy: your taxes. Christine Romans explains what hidden penalties are lurking, and the complicated maze of forms you can look forward to.

  • This is not your grandpa's Buick 

    The official car of elastic waistbands and white sneakers is attempting to be cool again. Buick unveiled two new cars at the Detroit Auto Show and, surprisingly, they're pretty with it.

  • You can buy Jerry Lee Lewis' motorcycle 

    The legendary rocker is selling a Harley he's had for 55 years.

  • He's a homeless millionaire poker player 

    Poker pro Faraz Jaka has accolades to his name and millions in earnings. He's also homeless, and chooses to couch surf around the world.

  • Why is everybody moving to Oregon? 

    Oregon was named the top destination for people who moved out of state two years in a row. Why is the state so popular?