Infuriating fees that will shock you

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  • Treasury Secretary to Millennials: 'Take some chances' 

    What's advice does the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew have for Millennials just entering the job market? 'Take some chances' and seek out opportunities where you can learn new things.

  • The dream retirement: Buy a vineyard  

    Iris Rideau spent decades in finance, enabling her to pursue her passions in retirement: food and wine.

  • Firefighter free falls into retirement  

    Rich Grimm spent over 30 years as a firefighter and used his pension to turn his skydiving hobby into a small business.

  • Secrets of a dream retirement 

    CNNMoney's Christine Romans shares her secrets for a dream retirement.

  • This couple set sail for retirement 

    Max Fletcher rose from an entry level position to a CFO, all while maxing out his 401k. Now, he and his wife are enjoying their ideal retirement: sailing around the world.

  • The steady path to a dream retirement 

    Dave & Marcia Murray saved for retirement slowly and steadily. Now they're enjoying the "pure life" in Costa Rica, where they grow coffee and live outside their comfort zone.

  • The $1.25 toll that became a $300 bill 

    Harry Memnon didn't realize he failed to pay a $1.25 toll in 2009. But then, three years later, he was billed almost $300 for that toll -- a big chunk of which was for penalties. The rest was for fees charged by a debt collector called Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson.

  • My debt collection horror story  

    Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson is one of the largest government debt collectors in the country. It goes after everything from unpaid parking tickets to back taxes. But many of the people the firm goes after say they have been unfairly targeted. Here are three of their stories.

  • Is college worth the cost? 

    College students received nearly $239 billion in aid in 2013. Many have a hard time paying those loans off. Is a college degree worth it?