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Behind the scenes: Oil boomtown USA

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  • Companies offering more parental leave 

    Adobe is offering employees six months of paid maternity leave, joining the group of companies like Netflix and Microsoft, that are upping the amount of leave they allow employees to take.

  • Toms Shoes CEO on the benefits of parental leave 

    The U.S. lags behind the rest of the world in paid maternity leave. Toms Shoes Founder and CEO Blake Mycoskie explains why he encourages his employees to take paternity or maternity leave.

  • Tech companies expand parental leave 

    Microsoft and Netflix recently announced increased maternity and paternity leave for their employees. Facebook, Apple and Google also offer higher than average paid time off for parents.

  • Obama working to expand overtime pay 

    President Obama's proposal to expand overtime pay for 5 million Americans comes as his approval rating reaches a two-year high.

  • I get paid to train birds of prey 

    Joe Roy has been working with birds since he was a child and has a special connection with them. Now he's a falconer tasked with keeping seagulls away from vacationers.

  • I told CNNMoney my story and my student debt disappeared 

    After losing her father in Afghanistan, Rhea Shannon had a broken heart, and an overwhelming amount of student debt. She told her tragic story to CNNMoney, and it changed her life forever.

  • Navy Seal's Retirement Ride: Sno-Cat  

    Former Navy Seal Larry Metzler, who was part of the Apollo 16 recovery mission, found his dream retirement in Vail, driving a Sno-Cat across mountain ranges.

  • NHL star goes overtime in retirement  

    Former NHL player Jim Montgomery managed to avoid many of the money pitfalls that plague professional athletes in retirement. Now he continues to stay involved in the sport he loves by coaching hockey at the University of Denver.

  • Musician finds harmony in retirement  

    Brian Beck forged a career writing and performing jingles. In retirement, he finally achieved a lifelong goal: form a barber shop quartet.