Look Ahead Video

  • Apple takes to the iCloud 

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs will launch iCloud, a new music and streaming service, as well as Apple's new Lion operating system.

  • Ballmer puts Microsoft in the spotlight 

    Microsoft CEO's slip on Windows 8 and a hedge fund manager's call for his ouster put the software giant in focus after Memorial Day.

  • LinkedIn's IPO wake 
    LinkedIn's IPO wake(1:24)May 20

    As LinkedIn's stock surges, investors are looking beyond the next big IPO, chipmaker Freescale, to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Commodities roller coaster 

    Investors wait for new reports to see if oil demand continues to fall and if unemployment levels will be lower.

  • Google to tango with Samsung 

    The search giant and Korea's electronics behemoth will announce a partnership following the Google IO conference next week.

  • NYSE and Nasdaq: It ain't over yet 

    Merger talks may reheat between NYSE shareholders and the Nasdaq, despite the rival bid by Germany's Deutsche Boerse.

  • What will Buffett say this year? 

    All ears will be tuned to what Warren Buffett says about the economy and David Sokol at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting.

  • Lights, camera, Bernanke! 

    The Federal Reserve chairman is holding the first-ever press conference after an FOMC meeting. Don't expect any surprises though.

  • Netflix: Bigger than cable 

    The online movie rental service may soon have more subscribers than Comcast and Sirius XM, and the stock is up 43.5% this year.

  • Traders shocked by S&P's guts 

    Stock traders were surprised by S&P's U.S. outlook downgrade and say it's now up to lawmakers to tackle the debt problem.

  • Will Apple deliver strong results? 

    Investors are wondering if Apple's sales and earnings surged as it dealt with supply issues in Japan.

  • Closing China's wealth gap 

    Beijing's five-year economic plan aims to reduce China's wealth gap by controlling inflation, raising wages and investing in social safety nets.

  • Investors eye Google earnings 

    Investors await next week's quarterly results from Alcoa and Google, while McDonald's celebrates its 56th year as the fast-food titan.

  • Impact of a government shutdown 

    Which federal programs will shutdown if a budget deal cannot be reached and how will it impact you.

  • Will oil go above $107? 

    Traders look to new numbers on consumer credit and wholesale inventory to see if oil prices will rise to more than $107.

  • The future of Obama's energy plan 

    Obama's energy plan looks like his plan from years ago - minus Cap-and-Trade. Will it be viable now with higher gas prices?

  • iPad 2 wait is global 
    iPad 2 wait is global(01:24)Mar 25

    People wait on line worldwide for the iPad 2 as concerns about part shortages and manufacturing delays due to the earthquake in Japan rise.

  • The future of trading 
    The future of trading(2:05)Mar 22

    Despite the drop in floor traders' dominance, investment firms find having traders on the NYSE floor is good for business.

  • Carmakers face Japanese parts shortfall 

    GM is closing one U.S. factory for a week. Will more automakers follow GM in suspending production?

  • Fed has more to worry about 

    Inflation fears, high oil prices and disorder in Japan add to the Federal Reserve's list of concerns.

  • iPad2 meets South by Southwest 

    Tech enthusiasts from around the world converge on Austin, Texas, for the SXSW festival, just as Apple's iPad2 hits stores.

  • BullHorn: SXSW: Who'll be the best? 

    Foursquare and Gowalla were big hits last year at the technology conference in Austin, Texas. Are they takeover targets now?

  • Stores prep for iPad 2 next week 

    Apple's latest tablet goes on sale March 11, toping off a week of retail sales and consumer data.

  • Jobless rate likely to stay above 9% 

    While companies have started hiring, the February 2011 unemployment rate is expect to stay above 9%.

  • iPad 2 soon? 
    iPad 2 soon?(01:18)Feb 25

    Techies are holding their breath to see the next-generation iPad unveiled, hoping that the new device is thinner and has 2 cameras.

  • American dream still home ownership 

    KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger says recovery is taking place in California and Texas and foreclosed homes are finding buyers.

  • China's hold on rare earths 

    As China stockpiles rare earth minerals used to manufacture consumer items like iPhones and cameras, the U.S. is facing a growing shortage.

  • G-20 needs to press for progress 

    John Lipsky, IMF deputy foreign minister, says the G-20 needs to keep pressure on the progress in global supervision and resoultion mechanisms for banks too big to fail.

  • Airlines hope for happy holidays 

    Shares of major airlines have been steadily climbing this year but airport security measures may cause travelers to shy away from flying.

  • Investors on thin ice 
    Investors on thin ice(4:00)Nov 19

    LPL Financial's chief market strategist warns of 'below average' economic growth heading toward the New Year.

  • Economist: Expect a better Xmas 

    BMO economist Sherry Cooper says rising consumer confidence, retail sales and industrial output indicate a rebounding economy.

  • Betting on deficit cuts 

    Art Hogan of Jefferies discusses the market reaction to the G-20, commodity surges and the deficit commission's proposals.

  • G-20: Might as well be the G-2 

    It's a two horse race between the U.S. and China at the G-20 in Seoul, as shown by our interactive GDP graphic.

  • Fixing Washington's balance sheet 

    Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker discusses inflationary risks, taxes and balancing the budget.

  • This economy needs a plunger 

    Art Hogan of Jeffries discusses the GDP report, consumer behavior, potential Fed moves and elections in this week's Lookahead.

  • Cautious optimism on auto sales 

    Edmunds.com predicts yearly auto sales of 11.9 million but warns that consumers are seeking out aggressive deals.

  • Fed to pump billions into economy 

    The Federal Reserve is expected to buy Treasuries and securities to push money into the economy in a second round of quantitative easing.

  • Holiday travel just got pricier 

    FareCompare's Rick Seaney says holiday air travel gets more expensive every day as carriers maximize revenue in a slow economy.

  • Your grocery bill is getting fatter 

    Food prices are on the rise as commodity prices soar due to investor demand.

  • China: 'Friend and foe' 

    As China holds back rare earths, finance ministers at the G20 debate exchange rate clashes in an effort to hold off trade wars.

  • Gold's roller-coaster ride 

    As the economy recovers and the dollar gets stronger, gold futures dip: A trader warns, be bullish but be cautious.

  • Markets march into December 

    With the S&P 500 up more than 20% this year, traders at the CME say conditions are ripe for more gains.

  • Dubai debt sinks stocks 

    A warning from Dubai World sent U.S. shares sharply lower on Black Friday.

  • Enduring TARP woes 
    Enduring TARP woes(2:25)Nov 20

    Elizabeth Warren, chairwoman of the TARP oversight committee, shares her two biggest worries looking forward.

  • Other metals are precious too 

    Gold isn't the only hot metal. With the recovery, industrial demand for copper, aluminum and silver is picking up.

  • Big week for big retail 

    Lots of questions about the strength of major retailers as holiday shopping ramps up.

  • How to save small biz lending 

    Treasury officials and the Small Business Administration will meet with entrepreneurs to discuss the lending drought.

  • Price war in aisle 5 
    Price war in aisle 5(2:14)Nov 13

    It's make or break season for retailers, and they are dropping prices on just about everything to get you to buy.

  • Post-Turkey Day price carving 

    Big retailers are slashing prices for the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  • Real unemployment really bad 

    Take the underemployment numbers into account and the U.S. employment picture is very grim.