Small Biz Tech Video

  • The life of a Christmas tree seller 

    Christmas tree stand-ups in NYC provide part time jobs for the unemployed in NYC.

  • $500 laptops 
    $500 laptops(1:40)May 15 2009

    Tech writer Jonathan Blum reviews small-business friendly, inexpensive replacements for desktop computers.

  • New era for office phones 
    New era for office phones(2:14)Apr 7 2009

    Opt for a more expensive phone for your business that will give you high quality sound.

  • Crystal clear audio devices 
    Crystal clear audio devices(2:11)Mar 18 2009

    The Zoom voice recorder is a good business tool for tracking audio while on or off the phone.

  • Save pennies on copying 
    Save pennies on copying(2:09)Mar 6 2009

    Ink jet printers are less expensive, making them a better investment for small businesses.