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Uphill battle for Google's iTunes clone

Google launched a new cloud-based music and video service Tuesday, but it may not be enough to compete with Apple's digital behemoth.

Tablets to PCs: RIP
PLAYTablets to PCs: RIP(2:41)Mar 11

As tablets and other mobile devices get more popular, the Techmate team wonders if it's a fad or the end of the PC.

iPad 2 first impressions

Fortune's Michael Copeland says the new iPad has enough features to keep it ahead of other tablets like the Motorola Xoom.

HP to Microsoft: BFF's or frenemies?

Hewlett-Packard's WebOS gives it flexibility to get away from Microsoft's Windows operating system on its products.

HP webOS takes on Apple, Microsoft

Hewlett-Packard unveils its upcoming webOS tablets and says the software will soon run on its PCs as well.

Why Netflix avoids new movies

The movie rental company has focused on cheaper, older films for its streaming catalog to keep costs down.

The best and worst of CES

Motorola's Atrix stole the show at CES this year, while T-Pain's mic and weight-loss body shakers left attendees going "huh?"

Apple tops Cisco in Xmas gift battle

In the battle for the hearts and minds of the Techmate crew this Christmas, Apple wins while Cisco's Umi flops.

MySpace concedes to Facebook

By partnering with Facebook, MySpace is outsourcing its social features to current champion of the social-Web.

Apple gets serious about TV

CEO Steve Jobs called Apple TV a hobby, but the Techmate guys think the revamped product could become a hit with consumers.