Dell's new tablet: Just a big phone

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  • Facebook already faces lawsuit under GDPR 

    On the day the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation takes effect, Facebook is already being sued for allegedly violating it.

  • GDPR, explained 

    The EU's General Data Protection Regulation aims to put online data back in the hands of users. Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook will be required to give their EU customers more control over their personal information.

  • Former HuffPo exec on embracing gender fluidity 

    In 2017, former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry came out as gender fluid. He sits down with CNNMoney's Laurie Segall about how his family reacted to the news and his newest project, the website

  • Zuckerberg grilled by European lawmakers 

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was grilled with a series of pointed questions as he testified before European Parliament about the company's recent data breaches. But Zuckerberg responded with few new answers.

  • What if a digital twin could go to work for you? 

    Meet Cora. She's a customer service avatar designed by New Zealand company Soul Machines. But what will digital 'humans' entering the workforce mean for us all?

  • Watch: Tesla Model X tows plane, breaks record 

    The Tesla Model X teamed up with Australian airline Qantas to break the Guinness World Record for electric towing by pulling a 287,000 pound Boeing Dreamliner.

  • SpaceX launches rocket capable of carrying humans 

    SpaceX has successfully launched the latest iteration of its Falcon 9 rocket. The Block 5 version meets NASA's requirements for human spaceflight.

  • Elon Musk reveals his fix for LA traffic 

    Elon Musk's new Boring Company is digging a tunnel to beat LA traffic, and the first section is almost complete.

  • Uber planning flying taxis for 2023 

    Uber Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden talks with CNNMoney's Dylan Byers at the Uber Elevate summit about why he thinks owning a car will be economically irrational in the age of autonomous ride-sharing.