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Detroit: The next Silicon Valley?

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  • Amazon's Alexa is judging your fashion sense now 

    With the new Echo Look, Amazon's Alexa can help you get dressed by taking photos and comparing outfits. But do we need computers telling us what not to wear?

  • FCC chairman Ajit Pai in 100 seconds 

    A former Verizon legal counselor and Justice Department employee, Ajit Pai is running the Federal Communications Commission under President Trump.

  • TransferWise CEO worries about Trump and Brexit 

    The CEO of the international money transfer startup talks about the impact that President Trump's policies and Brexit could have on his business.

  • Why this unicorn isn't rushing to IPO 

    TransferWise CEO Taavet Hinrikus says that he isn't rushing to take his company public, and that he doesn't even think about the startup's valuation. CNNtech's Samuel Burke sits down with him to find out why.

  • Sheryl Sandberg: 'No one gets through these things alone' 

    Jake Tapper interviews Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg whose husband died two years ago and wrote a book about coping with loss.

  • This Russian robot shoots guns 

    A Russian official posted a video on his Twitter page of FEDOR, a humanoid robot being worked on by the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects. It's shown using tools, driving a car and shooting guns at targets.

  • Kairos founder: Young entrepreneurs have a responsibility 

    The Kairos Summit brought together global tech leaders to focus on how to transform traditional industries. Laurie Segall spoke to partner Ankur Jain on getting young entrepreneurs involved in collaborative solutions.

  • Samsung's latest problem: Red-tinted screens 

    Some buyers of Samsung's latest smartphone, the Galaxy S8, have received devices with red-tinted screens. This follows the infamous exploding Galaxy Note 7 debacle, and a delay in the company's voice assistant Bixby. Samuel Burke reports.

  • This app wants to reprogram your addiction  

    In this Tech vs. Taboos episode, CNNTech's Sara O'Brien sits down with Sam Frons, founder of Addicaid, a personalized addiction recovery app. Frons is both a recovering addict and a tech entrepreneur who believes addiction recovery is ripe for innovation.