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Summers: Winklevoss twins 'A-holes'

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  • How to 'summon' a Tesla 

    With the help of an app, Teslas can pull into or out of parking spots without the driver in the car.

  • Suicide: A Silicon Valley secret  

    Austen Heinz's life and death is a Silicon Valley cautionary tale. The brilliant scientist became a rising star in the tech world, but the pressures of entrepreneurial life started a downward spiral that ultimately led to his suicide. In the first installment of CNNMoney's "Mostly Human," Laurie Segall talks with Heinz's family and friends, and sheds light on a growing Silicon Valley trend: depression and suicide.

  • How Aardman Animations' 360? video was made 

    Aardman Animations, creators of "Wallace and Gromit," produced a short film called "Special Delivery" for Google Spotlight.

  • The candidate using social media the best is... 

    Alec Ross, former senior advisor for innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and author of 'The Industries of the Future' says that Ted Cruz's campaign has been the most successful so far in using technology in the presidential campaign.

  • Foursquare's new CEO: We're building a company that lives forever 

    Laurie Segall sits down with Foursquare's new CEO Jeff Glueck to discuss the company's latest round of funding at a lower valuation, and their hybrid consumer/enterprise business model.

  • Don't tweet @Velveeta about Super Bowl queso 

    When you tweet @Velveeta and @Kraft, you probably think you're getting through to the makers of gooey processed cheese -- but the real story behind the handles isn't what you'd expect.

  • See a dwarf planet in stunning detail 

    Ceres is a dwarf planet that is about 310 million miles from Earth. This animation is based on images captured by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, which is orbiting Ceres.

  • Dutch cops use eagles to hunt drones 

    The Dutch National Police are using trained eagles to hunt down unauthorized flying drones.

  • Microsoft thinks that dumping computers in the ocean will solve current problems with inefficient data centers.