Too late for Brooklyn?
January 8, 1997: 8:09 p.m. ET

Sale of Dodgers brings back fond memories for fans of the past
From Correspondent Sean Callebs
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NEW YORK (CNNfn) - When the Dodgers resided in Brooklyn, few teams could claim to have as passionate a following as these "bums."
     So when the team packed up and fled to Los Angeles after the 1957 season, a pall was cast over the borough. Owner Walter O'Malley was vilified as the ultimate traitor.
     Now, 40 years later, the O'Malley family has decided to put the team up for sale and Brooklyn has laid out its official welcome mat for their beloved Dodgers. (1.87MB QuickTime movie)
     Borough President Howard Golden has asked for a city and state commission to lure the team "back home."
     "We must not miss this opportunity to explore all options for bringing the Dodgers back to Brooklyn," Golden said. (73K WAV) (73K AIFF)
     But the deal won't be cheap. The Dodgers are expected to sell for at least $350 million, which includes their training facilities in Florida and the Dominican Republic. Then there's the cost of building a stadium to house the team.
     But the most daunting problem is demographic. Most of today's Brooklynites are too young to have rooted for the old Dodgers.
     But a few are hereditary Dodger fans. (92K WAV) (92K AIFF)
     Still, the thought carries us back to simpler times, when players played for the love of the game and "bums" was a term of endearment.
     But if anyone thinks the Dodgers once again will play in Brooklyn, there's a bridge there someone would like to sell you. Back to top


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