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February 17, 1999: 11:29 a.m. ET

Most of the documents you need are now available on the World Wide Web
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NEW YORK (CNNfn) - With April 15 right around the corner, it's time to pick up the forms you'll need to set out on your tax preparation odyssey.
     The old days of running down to the post office or library to pick up the forms are over, and most Internal Revenue Service forms are available online.
     Here are some of the most widely-used forms for U.S. taxpayers. The forms are available as Adobe Acrobat files. You can download a free Acrobat reader here.
     Form 1040EZ; This form is for single or married persons who do not claim any dependents and make under $50,000 per year, among other restrictions.
1040EZ 1040EZ

Form 1040; This form is used by those taxpayers who are itemizing their deductions, claiming dependents or have realized capital gains. The form, including tax tables, is available online.
1040 1040

Form 1040D; If you have realized capital gains -- had profit from the sale of stock -- you will need to attach 1040 Schedule D to your main 1040 form. This spells out your capital gains, losses and other stock issues.
1040D 1040D

Form 4868; This form is for the procrastinators among you. The IRS will give you a four month extension to prepare your taxes. You will, however, have to provide an estimate of your overall tax liability when filing this.

Form W-4; If you've figured out your taxes for 1998 and decided you've been withholding too much or too little Federal taxes from your paycheck each month, you can use this form to adjust your withholdings.

If the tax form you need isn't listed, the Internal Revenue Service offers many others on the forms and publications area of its website. In addition, the agency also offers you the forms by fax.Back to top


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