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Welcome to the Hotel Kenneth Laya
Song that parodies Andersen relationship was introduced in court trial.
May 8, 2002: 6:33 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - An Arthur Andersen LLP auditor was so concerned about the firm's relationship with Enron Corp. that he set his worries to song.

James Hecker, of Andersen's Houston office, wrote a song in 1995 that parodied the firm's relationship with the energy trader and set it to the tune of "Hotel California" by The Eagles. Andersen's lead attorney Rusty Hardin fought unsuccessfully to keep the song out of evidence at Andersen's criminal trial Wednesday.

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Hecker, on cross-examination, said that he considered the song a joke but admitted that he did show it to some people.

"I had a little idle time on my hand....I was venting," he said.

The ditty remained in his desk until the current Andersen trial where the accounting firm stands accused of shredding Enron documents while on notice of a federal investigation.

Hotel Kenneth LAYA

(sung to the tune of Hotel California)

So I called up the partner

I said " Please book this entry"

He said," We haven't had a debit here since 1993"

And still the gurus are calling from far away

Worry worry in the middle of the night

Just to hear them say

Welcome to the

Hotel Mark-to-Market

such a lovely face

such a fragile place

They liven it' up at the Hotel Cram-it-DownYa

When the suits arrive bring your alibis

Mirrors on the 10K, makes it look real nice

And she said, "We only make disclosures here

of our own device"

And in the partners' chambers

Cooking up a new deal

Three percent in an S-P-E

but they just can't make it real

Last thing I remember I was running for the doors

I had to find the entries back

to the GAAP we had before

"Relax," said the client

"We are programmed to succeed

You can audit anytime you like

but we will never bleed."  Top of page

--CNNfn's Jennifer Rogers contributed to this story