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Visa ends Steinbrenner-Jeter feud
Yankees' owner and star player whom he earlier criticized will appear in Visa ad together.
May 6, 2003: 4:14 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and his star shortstop, Derek Jeter, who sparred publicly earlier this year, are set to star in a commercial together for the Visa credit card.

Details about the content of the spot were not immediately available. But Visa USA spokesman Will Valentine confirmed plans for the commercial. An assistant in Steinbrenner's Tampa, Fla., office confirmed the spot had been shot May 1. Jeter has some time on his hands because he is inactive due to a separated shoulder he suffered in the first game of the season.

Yankees star Derek Jeter is set to appear in a Visa commercial with team owner George Steinbrenner.  
Yankees star Derek Jeter is set to appear in a Visa commercial with team owner George Steinbrenner.

The photogenic Jeter has an active endorsement career that includes spots for Nike, Gatorade and Fleet Bank. A number of years ago he did commercials for Visa competitor Discover card.

Jeter was ranked as one the two most marketable baseball players, along with Texas Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez, in a survey of 70 marketing, advertising and PR executives and other experts released Tuesday by Sports Business Daily, a trade publication that follows the sports advertising industry.

Steinbrenner has done far fewer spots, but he did one recently for KFC. He also agreed to a claymation representation of himself appearing in a Lipton Ice Tea commercial.

More than a decade ago, Steinbrenner did a commercial for Miller Lite beer with the team's manager, Billy Martin, with whom he also sparred publicly and fired five different times. During the commercial Steinbrenner jokingly fired Martin for disagreeing on whether beer tasted great or was less filling.

During the winter and the team's pre-season training, Steinbrenner questioned Jeter's commitment, criticizing him for reports that he was out late at a birthday party during the 2002 season. Jeter said he could accept criticism about his on-field performance, but he didn't appreciate comments that questioned his work ethic.

Steinbrenner later said that Jeter does give 100 percent to the team but that the team needed him to give 110 percent. Jeter is the best paid player on the Yankees, the U.S. sports team with the highest payroll. He makes $15.6 million this year, part of a $189 million, 10-year contract.

Team spokesman Rick Cerrone said he was surprised to learn that Jeter would shoot a commercial during the season, but said his time on the disabled list must have given him the opportunity to shoot the spot. Jeter is rehabilitating at team facilities in Tampa, where Steinbrenner has his office.  Top of page

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