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McDonald's gets low-carb Coke
No. 1 fast-food chain to offer new C2 cola in a limited number of its restaurants.
June 11, 2004: 10:41 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - McDonald's Corp., the No .1 fast-food chain that's been on a mission to its revamp its image, said it will offer Coca-Cola's new low-carb "C2" cola in a limited number of its restaurants.

Oak Brook- Ill.-based McDonald's (MCD: Research, Estimates), announced late Thursday that the company is sampling C2 in about 27 restaurants in five markets, including Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando.

"We're responding again to what our consumers are telling us they want," Don Knauss, McDonald's chief operating officer of its North America division, said in a statement.

Added Knauss, "Today's consumers are looking for choices that fit their lifestyles. They want to keep enjoying the special cola taste that Coca-Cola delivers, but with the option of a lower-carb, lower-calorie soft drink. Coca-Cola C2 gives that freedom of choice."

McDonald's and other fast food chains have come under increasing attack from health and nutrition experts -- and have been the target of class-action lawsuits -- alleging their hamburgers and french fries are a major cause of obesity.

Coca-Cola's new low-carb  
Coca-Cola's new low-carb "C2" cola debuted nationwide this week.

The company said it's sampling the new drink from Friday through Sunday at participating locations where customers will be offered either a free C2 with any purchase or a 12 ounce can of C2 with the purchase of a McDonald's extra value meal.

A limited number of restaurants will offer C2 as a fountain beverage beginning June 11.

McDonald's will decide whether or not to make C2 a permanent addition to its fountain beverage choices once it completes the test phase.

Coca-Cola (KO: Research, Estimates), the world's largest beverage company, launched C2 nationwide this week. According to Coke, the new cola has about half the carbohydrates, calories and sugar of regular cola.  Top of page

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