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Martha stirs up tasty prison treats
Newspaper report says the incarcerated domestic diva picked crab apples to cook up 'illegal' jelly.
October 20, 2004: 11:44 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Imprisoned domestic diva Martha Stewart may again be caught in a "jam," according to a report published Wednesday.

The New York Post, citing an unnamed inmate at the Alderson, W.Va., minimum-security prison camp for women, reported that the guru of good living spent some time last week picking crab apples from trees on the camp grounds and used them to cook up sweet jelly.

"The normal person would get punished for that, but the prison guards managed not to see her," the inmate was quoted as saying.

The inmate went on to say that Stewart might not have known it was wrong, although other inmates have since advised her to refrain from stirring up any more treats.

The Post cited a spokeswoman for the federal prison camp as saying that she was unaware of Stewart's exploits, adding that it is "unlikely that a prisoner would get into serious trouble for such activity."

"It's a 105-acre compound with a lot of different trees, and crab apples are amongst them," said Dawn Zobel, spokeswoman for the prison camp.

"If an inmate was seen picking them, we would probably have an informal discussion with them."

On Oct. 8, Stewart, 63, began serving a five-month sentence. She was convicted earlier this year of lying to government investigators who were conducting an insider-trading probe into some of her personal stock sales.

According to the Post, Stewart has been visited by her daughter Alexis and her lawyers during the past few days.

Although Stewart was allowed to stay out of jail while appealing her conviction, she chose to serve her time now rather than wait the year or two it would take for an appeals court to rule on her case.

Stewart is still pursuing an appeal.  Top of page

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