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Britney Spears' pregnancy test sells
Oops...a Canadian radio station has sold her alleged pregnancy test to for $5,001.
May 12, 2005: 6:56 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The Internet casino noted for its unusual eBay purchases acquired Britney Spears' alleged pregnancy test for $5,001, according to a statement Thursday.

An Ottawa music station, Hot 89.9, secured the pregnancy test through a connection it has in the Los Angeles hotel where Britney and her husband Kevin Federline stayed. The positive test was found in the waste basket of the couple's bathroom and then sold to The Morning Hot Tub radio broadcast, according to the statement.

Like many of the items the Internet casino has bought, proceeds from this sale will go to charity. The two charities that will benefit from this purchase are the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, which provides support to children with cancer and their families, and the Easter Seal Society, which helps children with physical disabilities.

The Internet casino also recently paid $75,100 for the McDonald's "French fry" shaped like Abraham Lincoln and last November the company bought the "Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich" on eBay (Research) for $28,000.  Top of page


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