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Kodak delays EasyShare camera
Award-winning new product will debut four months late, but ready for holidays.
May 24, 2005: 9:20 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Eastman Kodak will delay shipment of its highly anticipated EasyShare One digital camera to October, a newspaper report said Tuesday.

The camera features a large liquid-crystal-display screen and the unique ability to wirelessly transmit pictures to WiFi local area networks, the Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the newspaper, it was introduced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show where it won awards for innovation.

A Kodak (down $0.47 to $26.73, Research) spokesman would not tell the paper why the company chose not to start sales in June as planned

"This represents a significant technological advance in the digital camera marketplace. We're taking the time to do it right," the report quoted him as saying.

The company's spokesman also told the Journal that the $699 camera will be available for the crucial holiday selling season and that the delay won't have any impact on Kodak's previous earnings guidance.

The company's CEO will step down in June. Click here for more.  Top of page


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