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Burger King may offer chicken fries
Report: Fast-food chain planning launch of spicy, white-meat strips this summer.
June 3, 2005: 6:32 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - In pursuit of the ultimate snack food, Burger King will cross a chicken strip with a french fry.

The fast-food chain is tentatively planning the launch of a new spicy, fried white-meat chicken snack this summer, according to a USA Today report Friday.

"For me, they're like M&Ms," said Greg Brenneman, CEO of Burger King, according to the paper.

BK Chicken Fries, the test marketing name, will be sold in cup-holder-friendly boxes so commuters can dip and eat them on the go. The potato-less fries will cost approximately $1.79 for a box of six, the paper said.

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