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'Ugh!' Napoleon Dynamite figures debut
Line of action figures from the popular movie is scheduled to hit stores in November.
July 21, 2005: 6:26 AM EDT
By Grace Wong, CNN/Money staff writer
The prototype for the
The prototype for the "Napoleon in prom suit" figure.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Napoleon Dynamite fans will soon be able to get their hands on a miniature version of the film's quirky anti-hero, toy manufacturer McFarlane Toys said.

The company has unveiled its line of action figures from the popular movie, which are scheduled to arrive in stores in November.

The line includes six-inch figures of Napoleon in his prom suit, Napoleon in a "Vote for Pedro" T-shirt and Napoleon as tetherball champ.

"This is the new generation's cult classic film; fans will be repeating the lines over and over just like my generation did with three or four movies when I was 13," company founder Todd McFarlane said in a statement. McFarlane is also creator of the comic book character Spawn.

The surprise indie hit about an alienated high schooler and his offbeat family gained popularity through word of mouth and went over especially well with younger audiences.

Six-inch versions of Napoleon's sidekick Pedro and his chatroom-obsessed older brother Kip will be available, as is a 12-inch version of Napoleon in his prom suit that comes with sound.

The sound clips -- there are usually about three -- are generally taken directly from the movie or recorded by the actor, according to company spokeswoman Corrinne Robinson, although the company hasn't chosen which phrases will be used yet.

Quotables from the movie range from "Ugh!" to "Tina, eat your ham" to "Can you bring me my chapstick?"

Prices run between $12 and $15 for the six-inch figures and around $30 for the 12-inch, Robinson said. The figures will be available at Wal-Mart, K.B. Toys, Sam Goody and other specialty stores.

Tempe, Ariz.-based McFarlane Toys makes and sells action figures based on comic book figures as well as entertainment and sports figures. Among its figures are those based on Spawn and characters from the movies "Austin Powers" and "Shrek."

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