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Who's making what in New York City
Report: From Lindsay Lohan to Sandy Weill and a hot-dog vendor on Broadway, a look at who gets what.
September 19, 2005: 5:36 PM EDT
Sanford Weill, chairman of Citigroup, has something to smile about -- he made over $29 million last year.
Sanford Weill, chairman of Citigroup, has something to smile about -- he made over $29 million last year.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - From a hedge-fund manager who pulled in more than a billion last year to the cabby making $37,000, anything goes in NYC.

Using corporate proxy statements, news reports, city payrolls, tax-return filings and educated guesses, "New York" magazine has published the salaries you always wondered about.

The categories included Real Estate, Business, Sports, Transportation, Personal Services, Art, Fashion, Books, Music, Broadway, Dance, Food, Police and Fire, Education, Health, Religion, Nonprofit, Government, Law, Television, Movies and Media.

According to the report, Judge Judy made more than the chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs last year.

And here are a few more tidbits that may interest you:

Rapper 50 Cent made $50 million last year while the guy who asks for change on the corner of Bleecker and Broadway collected $24,000, and Diddy made a cool $36 million.

Pop-artist Andy Warhol, though dead, is still drawing in $16,226,741 a year while the NYPD's anti-graffiti coordinator, Edwin Young, brought in $149,766.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker who also starred in Gap Ads made $38 million and Eric Miranda, a sales clerk at Gap, rang up $22,000.

Teen queen Lindsay Lohan made $3.5 million and Oscar winner Robert De Niro got $20 million, "New York" reports, while Johan Roldan, the ticket collector at City Cinemas Village East collected $10,200.

Larry Brown, head coach of the New York Knicks, made $10 million and Becky Hammon, the All-Star guard for New York Liberty, scored $89,000.

Even though it's only Giants quarterback Eli Manning's second year in the NFL, he is making $7.5 million, while Jets starter Chad Pennington threw for $9.1 million.

Sen. Hillary Clinton collects $162,100 for her government work, shy of Governor George Pataki, who pulls in $179,000, but still more than Eliot Spitzer, who is banking on $151,500. Meanwhile, Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes home only $1 (by choice).

Regis Philbin is a $20 million man, but co-host Kelly Ripa makes a mere $7 million.

And who knew Willie Randolph, manager of the Mets is pulling in $630,000 while the manager of the Yankees, Joe Torre, is batting $6.4 million.

Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue magazine, rakes in $2 million, while her assistant, Sylvana Soto-Ward, brings home $40,000.

Citigroup Chairman Sanford Weill banks $29,121,679 and Flower, a cocaine dealer on the Lower East Side cashed in $150,000, while Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman brought in $50,000.

And chew on this: Celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten cooks up $6 million while Jamal Khandaker takes in $11,200 selling hot-dogs and pretzels on the corner and Mike Kim, a Chinese deliveryman at Wang's Restaurant, is making $5,200 (not including tips).

The figures reflect salaries only, which in some cases includes bonuses and exercised stock options, but perks were not taken into account, the magazine said.


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