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Mazda5 recalled for fire hazard
Exhaust system heat could start a fire; company replaces cars with loaners and rentals.
September 27, 2005: 4:36 PM EDT
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Mazda has halted sale and production of select 2006 Mazda5 vehicles due to a fire hazard.
Mazda has halted sale and production of select 2006 Mazda5 vehicles due to a fire hazard.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Mazda Motor Corp. has halted the sale and production of selected 2006 Mazda5 vehicles because a potential heat buildup in the exhaust system could start a fire.

The recall affects about 5,500 vehicles, 2,700 of which have been sold or are still in dealer lots, according to Jeremy Barnes, Mazda's product communications manager.

Three instances of fire have been reported, with no injuries, a company statement said. Mazda said customers will receive a formal recall notification at a later date.

Mazda notified dealers and suspended sales of the vehicles on September 16, the company . The company was first made aware of the issue when a problem was reported in August. Three instances of fire have occurred in all.

"We have asked customers to bring vehicles back and asked dealers to alert customers," said Barnes, adding that Mazda will exchange the faulty vehicles for a loaner vehicles at no cost while the company develops a remedy and makes repairs.

Production of the vehicle in North America has also been suspended while the company investigates the incidents, the company said.

Owners should contact Mazda at 1-800-222-5500 for more information.


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